Shaolin Temple Against Lama (1980)

Shaolin Temple Against Lama (1980) – Action-packed extravaganza Made in Taiwan

Shaolin Temple Against Lama (1980) – Creaky plot concerning palace intrigues in the late Ming Dynasty. In a slight nod to Hamlet, an evil Lord has killed the king and consorts with the lovely queen. Queen’s son, the Prince, is a braggard who seeks the truth, and also to be the leading martial artist in China before fully assuming the throne. The evil lord leads the Black faction, which seeks to unite all the martial arts schools under their sway. Shaolin resists. This causes one helluva lot of fighting. Keeping up with who’s fighting who is impossible, but there are at least 12 superb martial artists flying around. Outstanding, fast-paced and very frequent fight scenes.

Cast and Crew:

Director: Chien-Chi Chang
Writer: Chien-Chi Chang
Stars: Alexander Rei Lo, Alan Chung San Chui, Chi Ping Chang