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Ninja Death III (1987) – A Thrilling Tale of Stealthy Revenge and High-Flying Martial Arts Mayhem

Unleash the Fury of the Flying Guillotine

By day, Tiger is a Martial Arts expert… by night he is the bouncer of a brothel. Tiger is trained under the watchful eye of “Master” and in this process of training it occurs that the Grand Master and his merry men, AKA Ninjas, are trying to take over Tiger’s turf in Japan. Part Three is where everyone gears up for the big battle. On one side you have the blind fortune teller and his crew, Tiger and the Japanese brother and sister, and on the other side you’ve got the grandmaster, devil mask, and infinite ninjas. There’s a battle every minute and wait till you see a) The grandmaster’s hammers, which detach themselves and fly at his opponents, b) Tiger’s entrance to the big battle which involves him flying up into the air and things exploding c) Devil Mask’s entrance to the last battle which involves him flying 400 yards horizontally through a forest and d) Loads of wire work, people flying about and a good pay off.

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The choreography and production values are decent for this type of movie, and it’s fast paced enough to have kept me entertained during the slower bits, the costuming and terrible special effects are highly entertaining (particularly the full body gold outfit with red cape) and there’s some very very low brow jokes in here, particularly dealing with sex. (the main character starts out as a bouncer in a whorehouse). The dubbing is amusingly bad, and as mentioned does switch accents halfway through the movie.

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Cast and Crew:

Director: Joseph Kuo
Starring: Alexander Rei Lo, Fei Meng

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