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Friday the 13th: Return to Crystal Lake (2019)

Jason Vorhees Fan-Film!

Friday September 13th, in the year of 1957, a group of counselors for Camp Crystal Lake were assigned to watch that summers group of young children. Unfortunately, one by the name of Jason Voorhees “accidentally downed” in the camp lake. Seeking revenge, his mother returned to the camp and killed all but one of the counselors, Alice, who eventually ended Pamela’s life by beheading her with a machete.

Now, exactly 62 years later on the anniversary of Jasons death, a particular group of friends set out to make some fast cash, posing as counselors to help troubled teens at the infamous Camp Crystal Lake. Disregarding all camp fire stories of the erringly haunted, dangerous and deserted camp, they lead the teenagers out into a great unknown with no way to escape. Here, they will all meet their fate to the reawakened Jason.

Directed by: Joshua Ratcliff
Starring: Josh Cook, Victor Jones, Brianne Ratcliff, Rickey Rottmann, MAcy Stoetzner, Jayce Hill, Tyler Fite, Rachel Bourdreaux, Saber Bankson, Maytt Riggs, William Douglas

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