Fallout: Nuka Break (2011)

Fallout: Nuka Break (2011) – Two Thugs and A sexy former slave wander around post-apocalyptic Wasteland

Join Twig (Zack Finfrock), a former Vault Dweller, Ben (Aaron Giles), a radiation-ravaged ghoul, and Scarlett (Tybee Diskin), a sexy former slave as they attempt to survive the harsh wasteland that is Fallout. Fallout: Nuka Break is a live-action fan-made web series made by Wayside Creations and set in the Fallout video game universe. Its direct setting is derived from both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Nuka Break features three main characters, a “Vault dweller, his ghoul companion, and a slave they free from New Vegas”. Along with the sets, puppets are used for some of the scenes, while CGI is used for the gun battles and other scenes. The series features actor Doug Jones as a guest star, playing Mayor Conners, and voice actor Vic Mignogna as the merchant/narrator.

The series was originally conceived as a film titled Fallout: Nuka Break – The Movie, which was released in early 2011 on YouTube. The film was so popular that Wayside Creations, a non-profit made up of “a team of Fallout fans”, decided to turn it into a full miniseries, with the first episode being released in September 2011. A second season, funded via Kickstarter, was released on October 28, 2013. Wayside also made a second film called Red Star, which is set between the original fan film and the first season.

Created by: Zack Finfrock
Directed by Vincent Talenti
Starring: Zack Finfrock, Aaron Giles, Tybee Diskin