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X-Story (2016)

PG-13 CGI Anime 2D/3D Short

Awesome work! I like how the main character at first appears to be your average spunky, fresh-faced, amateur treasure hunter; my first impression was “Ah, good-hearted but hapless kid gets in way over his head.” However as the video goes on, you start getting some foreshadowing (“whoa what the heck– o-oh. O-okay so that was just getting dinner…I guess there is nothing wrong with that…”). Then it starts showing up more and more in his actions and expressions. It isn’t until near the very end that you realize just what kind of person this guy is.

The little flashback at the end was fantastic, I was wondering why the dealer gave him the map, was he promised a sizable cut if the treasure? Did the main character dump his piggy bank and entire life savings on the table to buy it? Now we have come full circle with the real answer.

On the technical side of things your entire team has done spectacularly! The scenery, the characters’ motions and style, the ambient worldbuilding, the music and sound design, the transitions and “camera work” for lack of a better term, all of these gave life to the story and strengthened each scene and each shift in tone. – more comments

Vitaliy Shushko — art, story, directing

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