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Purl (2018)

Polarizing Pixar’s Short Film that will likely appeal more to women!

Its virtues – the situation is familiar for many viewers, the desire to be accepted by mates is not new, the eccentric of presence of balls is just nice and the end is a comfortable one. So, in essence, this is all. Except the delicate temptation, after its end, to discover knitting.

It’s an important film in terms of women directors telling their own stories. Pixar is a pretty male dominated company as is the rest of the film industry and it’s nice to see that changing.

Inexcusably severe male workforce stereotypes, political agenda of inclusivity shoved down our throats, swearing in a Pixar animated short – I am so tired of this political commentary garbage.

Directed by Kristen Lester
Starring Bret ‘Brook’ Parker, Emily Davis, Michael Daley

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