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Malaria (2013)

Progressive Western Film

In a saloon in the old west, a young man sits down opposite an older man; the air carries tension as the two talk and soon it becomes apparent that one of the men is Death and that the other, Fabiano, has come to challenge him.

Created by Brazilian artist Edson Oda, this mixed media western film revolves around the ancient human legend that Death comes to people in a physical human form . The story is told by a series of story boards being turned and moved on a table. Done as a motion comic, film tells the story of a man hired to kill Death. This amazing short western film uses time-lapse photography, origami, comic book illustration, and wild west myths and legends and first intention was to submit this project to “Django Unchained” Emerging Artist contest.

Directed by Edson Oda. Starring: Rodrigo Araujo, Antonio Moreno

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