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Fallen Art (2004)

A comedy about tragedy – the desire to impose control!

This masterpiece tells us how some individuals can decide about life and death, and what the army really is. Soldiers are just a tool to achieve the goal of the art called WAR. This award winning animated film depicts soldiers who have lost their minds due to the hardships of past military missions.

Fallen Art is a breathtaking show of animation, which will undoubtedly please all fans of computer artwork, but not only. Baginski’s care for detail and his characteristic style are even more evident than in his first film – it’s a real treat. And let’s not forget just a little touch of macabre… well maybe even a bit more than a little this time… All in all, a great piece of art. Baginski’s in a class all of his own.

Fallen Art (Sztuka Spadania) is Tomasz Baginski second computer-animated short film.


– Special Jury Award – FF SIGRAPH, Los Angeles, 2005;
– Golden Palm Award for the best animated film at the International Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2005;
– Grand Prix at the International Short Film Festival in Teheran, 2005;
– Grand Prix at the Tirana International Film Festival, 2005;
– BAFTA – The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award in the short animated film category, 2006.

Written and Directed by: Tomasz Baginski
Starring: Arkadiusz Jakubik, Marcin Kudelka, Dariusz Toczek

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