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Azureus Rising (2010)

Azureus Rising (2010) – Computer That Controlles Drones Gets Virtual Insanity

Azureus Rising (2010) – A freedom fighter known as Azureus breaks into a interstellar city colony to shut down the city’s evil computer controlled military drones. A smart and highly intelligent freedom fighter breaks into the military base station where some evil computers controls military drones – leaving everything that crosses his part in a state of “Say Hi To The Afterlife” – as he breaks in to destroy the enemy from the inside.

Azureus Rising is an action adventure epic chronicling the origin of the freedom fighter known as Azureus. Based on the award winning short film, Azureus Rising is a 3D animated feature film concept that is unlike anything ever produced for the screen. A passion project of director David Weinstein, the concept was inspired by The Lion King and the original Star Wars trilogy.

Directed by David Weinstein

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